World Taiji/Qigong Day
April 12th 2003

On April 12th people all over the World practised Taiji and Qigong at 10 am local time.
HERE & NOW offered 6 free preparatory training workshops on the 3 previous days.
The location for the training sessions and for the event (we did a 4 hours lasting "Taiji/Qigong marathon") was the area between Koh Tao Island Resort and Ban's Diving Resort. Koh Tao is a 21sqkm island with less than 1000 inhabitants (when there are no tourists). Thai New Year was on April 13th, 14th and 15th and there have not been a lot of travellers on the island.
About 10 people joined each training session and we have been 20 for the marathon, which I did nonstop, except for some moments to drink lots of water (April is the hottest month on Koh Tao!). At this time only one of my long time students, Kathiep, was on Koh Tao, so our demonstrations where limited to a duo. During the "Taiji/Qigong marathon" from 10 am until 2 pm we showed the Short and Long Form, I did the Sword Form and a Fan Form, which was preceded by another Fan Form shown by Kathiep.
The biggest surprise have been 3 Thai woman in their 60's which showed up on each training session. They joined not only the Taiji-Qigong 18 Style which we practised in the training sessions but also followed the 8 Brocade and tried to follow through the first 8 movements of the form.

Martin - 'Bouncing a Ball' - click, please!
Martin -
"Bouncing a Ball"
Left, please! - click, please!
"Left, please!"
Participants - 'Bouncing a Ball' - click, please!
Participants -
"Bouncing a Ball

'Moving water' - click, please!
"Moving water"

WTCCGD - click, please!

'Dividing the clouds' - click, please!
"Dividing the clouds"
Fan Form - Martin - click, please!
Fan Form - Martin

Fan Form - Kathiep - click, please!
Fan Form - Kathiep
Taiji Form duo - click, please!
Taiji Form duo

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