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Tai Chi Chuan Events


'Specials' - that's a big word, and I have only a small place on a small Island. Events started with the visit of Sifu Luis Molera, Master Student of William C.C. Chen, who followed my invitation to give a workshop on "The Rock". He arrived on Koh Tao on August 24 after spending nearly two months with Chinese Masters in Taiwan. So he was well tuned and not ready to stop. My three long term students and I were utterly exhausted after his demanding Push Hands instruction. But we loved it and it is the plan to do another workshop with him in 2002.

On September 2nd Ralph Westermann arrived from Auroville, India and after a break of 7 years Luis, Ralph and I were practicing Taijiquan together again. The next day Luis Molera left for Spain, where he will lead several workshops over the next two months, before returning to his school in Bremen, Germany.

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World Taiji/Qigong Day
April 24th 2004

Building up on the first World Taiji/Qigong Day 2003 on Koh Tao the WTCCGD 2004 again was 4 hours of fun, sweat and good spirit. 10 participants from 7 countries made it an international event and all enjoyed practicing the Taiji-Qigong 18 Style. Some of them came to one or more of the 6 free training sessions which were held at the previous 3 days and so we were quite "synchronized".

Surprisingly half of the participants have been more experienced in Taiji than beeing absolute beginners. So while the first timers took a rest, the others and me have been busy with showing them some of the forms.

We were able to do the Introduction Form, consisting of the first 8 postures of the Short Form (the last 5 movements are repeated in 4 directions) with 6 people: Andreas and Philippe from Switzerland, Kathiep (Thailand), Yuki (Japan) and Ralf and me originating in Germany, but more or less living in Thailand.

Ralf just had completed the Short Form at HERE & NOW and joined Kathiep and me for a "trio". Kathiep and Philippe did a Sword Form "duo" and showed 2 different Fan Forms. I kept Kathiep busy by doing the Long Form with her. Yuki performed the "24", which she just started 8 months ago, and all of us were amazed by the grace of her movements.

Unfortunately we all have been too busy doing the "Eight Pieces of Brocade" so there are no pictures of this sweat producing activity: it was just after 12 o'clock and around 40° Celsius, April being the hottest month on Koh Tao!!! And after doing the Sword Form and a dynamic Fan Form by myself I could wring out my dripping clothes. Our World Taiji/Qigong Day on Koh Tao ended with Elody (France), Henrik (Danmark), Alex (Great Britain) and Bernhard and Fabian (Germany) joining a last performance of the Taiji-Qigong 18 Style.

'Left, and participate, please!' - click, please!
"Left, and
participate, please!"
WTCCGD 2004 on Koh Tao
on Koh Tao
Exhausted, but happy - click, please!
Exhausted, but
happy (5 pics)

Introduction Form - click, please!
Introduction Form
(2 pics)

Taiji-Qigong 18 Style - click, please!
Taiji-Qigong 18 Style
(2 pics)

Short Form - click, please!
Short Form
(4 pics)

Fan Form - Martin - click, please!
Fan Form - Martin
(4 pics)

Playing Taiji - click, please!
Having Fun
(4 pics)

Sword Form - Martin - click, please!
Sword Form - Martin
(4 pics)

Fan Form - Philippe - click, please!
Fan Form
Philippe (CH)

'24' - Yuki - click, please!
"24" - Yuki (JP)
(4 pics)

Sword Form Duo - click, please!
Sword Form Duo
(4 pics)

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Workshop with Sifu Luis Molera

December 2004 - January 2005

Sifu Luis Molera came to Koh Tao at the end of December 04 and stayed until January 11 to give multiple workshops. He taught Short, Long, Sword, Fan, and Broadsword Form. We also trained applications and Push Hands with him.

Push Hands Training mit Sifu Luis Molera - bitte klicken!
Push Hands Training mit
Sifu Luis Molera

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Workshop with Sifu Luis Molera

July / August 2005

We invited Sifu Luis Molera for the third time after 2001 and January 2005 to Koh Tao. Again for 10 days we had the chance to work on the Short, Long, Sword, Fan, and Broadsword Form. There was also plenty of time to get more into the applications and for practising Push Hands.

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